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Please check the following items:

1) For some system security settings, please run it with an administrator account.

2) Please check if it is blocked by some security software.

Our software has passed Windows 10 certification.

If some security software is blocking, please turn off those security software temporarily Or Pleas add to trust.

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no puedo entrar al programa, se me olvido el usuario y el password
 0   2024-04-13 02:57:06 Reply

Nous ne pouvons pas atteindre cette page

  • Vérifier que l’adresse web http://%7b6f22eee9-8467-4806-81c1-fe62d6838e22%7d est correcte 

 3   2024-01-14 19:39:43 Reply
se abre y se cierra de una vez el programa, quisiera ayuda
 8   2021-05-13 14:52:51 Reply

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our software has passed Windows security certification,If some other security software misreports, please add to trust or temporarily close it.