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samsung a5 2015 schematic plz
 0    66  2 Days ago

samsung a05 esquematico porfa
 1    145  11 Days ago

El Part
 2    436  44 Days ago

A013F_G_M; Schematics,Manual
A013F_G_M instagram: shapour.mobile.fixA013F_G_M instagram shapour.mobile.fix.pdf
 8    595  72 Days ago

A013F_G_M instagram: shapour.mobile.fix
 3    289  72 Days ago

I'm trying to replace the fingerprint sensor on this Samsunggenerates this errorThey think it is the same as Apple that does not recognize another fingerprint sensorProcesses carried outsystem reinstallationmain flexible shiftchanging rack/charging plate/boardand neighborhoods of fingerprint sensors
 2    267  76 Days ago

a14; Schematics,Layout
preciso de esquema eletroco a14 a146m
 15    406  76 Days ago

layout samsung A146M, por favor
 7    292  77 Days ago

g990e; Schematics
 4    204  78 Days ago

A127; Solution
hi please insert hardware solution samsung A127 thankyou
 4    380  86 Days ago
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